We offer delivery worldwide by fully trackable and insured Registered Mail at a single flat rate which is US$12.50 / £8.00 / €11.00 / (it may vary fractionally depending on exchange rates) this means that whether you buy a single item or a variety of different items the shipping cost remains exactly the same.

We also offer the option to have your delivery made by a courier company such as UPS or DPD. We also use a variety of other delivery companies in countries where we have distribution arrangements, please keep in mind that some of them will allow you to arrange for delivery of your parcel in a way that will not require a signature, normally the delivery company for example DPD will agree with you that  the item will be left in a shed, garage, porch or other location that you nominate as what is often termed a "safe place" please note that if you decide to utilise one of these services it is at your own risk because we have initially sent it by a secure service which requires a signature and using what is termed "safe place" is inherently more risky because someone might see it being left by the driver which creates obvious dangers of it being stolen. Our advice is to always have it delivered in a way where the driver obtains a signature to remove any element of risk and ensure you receive your parcel safely.