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Tactical Defender Pen with DNA Catcher

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Product Details

Tactical Defense Pen with DNA Catching Crown

This purposeful looking Tactical pen has real presence and is ultra robust. This is one of the latest Tactical Pen models with DNA catcher. This pen doubles in an emergency as an effective self defense tool and can be easily slipped into your pocket.

The Tactical Pen features a sharp crown at the pens base that is used as a striking point and can be used the same way as a Kubotan or Koga Stick. Not only will strikes cause extreme pain it will also be able to 'catch' some of their DNA in the crown that can later be used by police to arrest the perpetrator.

Most importantly, the pen writes beautifully and is not obvious as an effective self defense tool and is perfectly fine to carry as it is at the end of the day just a pen! It uses standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills freely available from any stationer.

  • The Tactical pen is 6" (15.2cm) overall.
  • Gun metal black finish aluminum construction with pocket clip, black ink and DNA catching crown.
  • Color: Non Reflective Black
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • The pen can be carried around anywhere such as your shirt pocket, glove compartment, purse or backpack.
  • To use the pen, simply twist the end to write.
  • Comes with a sturdy pocket clip.
  • Includes a standard Parker BLACK INK cartridge and accepts Fisher Space pen refills if desired.
  • This is a solid, well constructed pen that would make a great gift

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